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* add xtables CLASSIFY target (Frederic Leroy)Bart De Schuymer2010-11-152-1/+122
* remove compile warningsBart De Schuymer2007-08-191-3/+8
* Rémi Denis-Courmont: fix segfault with malformed MAC addressBart De Schuymer2004-03-251-0/+4
* change hln to --h-lengthBart De Schuymer2004-02-101-5/+8
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2003-08-061-4/+6
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2003-06-261-0/+201
* add mangleBart De Schuymer2003-06-261-1/+1
* *** empty log message ***Bart De Schuymer2003-06-092-0/+77